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Hi, I am making a business out there, so here is what this idea is up to:

  1. To direct emails to me (questions, problems, thoughts, emotions), to pay for the service which will be my answer (advice or so); in case you are not satisfied with help, your money will be returned. The letter can be about anything in which you may be interested. I will give my best to provide you the most significant information or instructions which might be case sensitive for you or from big importance for you, your pathway and guidance in this life, especially if you feel stuck.
  2. Please share.
  3. Thank you!

contact: biljanastojadinovic12@gmail.com

P.S. To introduce myself: I am Biljana Stojadinovic and I dedicated my life to spirituality, enlightenment, meditation, prayers, intentions, and wisdom in order to live from what I do and that is healing, the flow of taking an emotional pathway(learning and understanding emotions) on which I am and on which I will be.

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Urgent need for the work required

Hi, just tell me what you need, what work you want to be done and I will do it for you on the time efficiently, all I need in return is the money!

Be sure that the required work will be done and that you will be satisfied.

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